New Day … New Blog …

After finding it hard to make any good template in blogspot, finally i decided to move to another free blog provider and here it now … I have my wordpress blog and proudly I announce … I’m officially moving to this blog but, I still put my blogspot link on the “recommended” link :P.

As a good starting .. well I introduce myself (you can see it on ‘about me’ page …).
Who’s miss hennie …?
A very nice and simple girl with all her imagination over her head about this world. A very happy single girl waiting a prince charming comes into her life. A typical person who love hang out with friends, love to know each new person (this point is always included in ‘new resolution for each new year’), love parents and all her entire siblings, can’t live without chocolate ,music (especially the beat and instrumental types), internet and movies (I swear … I love watching movie and for each movie that I’ve watched …, I know I preach something from it), a girl who try to show her best smile in facing a very “weird” programming code (why PL/SQL must be hard?).

For me …
Life is pretty happy when we give few minutes of our daily life to think that God created us in a very special way, see that some people who get same air like us can’t get enough in fulfill their daily need. A problem is always come and go like some Mr.Webster published the ‘LOVE’ philosophy, ‘la vita e bella’ also comes when you wanna share the joy with someone else … (if you’re lucky enough, that could be for everybody).

My philosophy in facing this life is …
You are what you think … once you think that you can make it .. then it happens, once you think you can not make it, then you’re not gonna make it …I’m very realistic and optimis in facing it.Unreasonable thing is a normal, but don’t get down too deep in it or you can be a very ridiculous person ever …

thanks for lending your time reading this blog and don’t be shy to drop any comment, I’m gonna be very pleased …


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