Something about you

Love comes and go in a time that you call a ‘sudden’, but like Kahlil Gibran said .. Love not come too late or too fast. It comes in a very right time, the problem is sometimes you’re too busy to realize it or too blind to see it.

Being in love is normal thing in this life. It is a cycle that most of us have it in this planet .. when you get older, turn the teenage, this feelin come … In our very young age, it’s embrassing to talk about this, we grow older and know that it’s a normal thing.In the first day I met you, few years ago … (I never forget) was one of the worst and most beatiful moment I have. A very good looking and annoying guy whom I think I couldn’t deal anything with. Times goes by … then there’s a beatiful friendship then turns to a deeper feeling .. a ‘more than friend’ feeling. La vita e bella came into my days … Each day, I tried to know you more and we’re getting so close each other. I know … I like you .

I don’t know where it started then the day turns to blue … no more beatiful day .. each of us were getting further each day and now we find ourselves like a stranger for each other.

Something about you … beatiful
Something about you … can’t easily forget
Something about you … sometimes u also makes me sick
Something about you … sometimes you can be so funny and ridiculous
Something about you … your big-smiles
Something about you … just miss the tighten of your-hand
Something about you … there’s always something left behind
Something about you … you know u’d ever been a part of my life
Something about you … you always have a space in my heart

4 thoughts on “Something about you

  1. mshennie says:

    thanks for the comment … it was an old story 🙂
    that was a time when I remembered him and realized that he’s always been a part of my life even one day I live with someone else but him.

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