Be happier on 2009

The year 2009 was already comin and I think people, who are like me also have made or even planning in progress to make a better resolution for this year. It must be better than last year. But wait a minute how about if we talked about happiness …
Have you ever caught yourself thinkin’ :
“I’ll never be in shape in shape like those people are”
“I know I’ll never gonna make it”
“I’ll always have a problem that will be the primary thing on my mind everyday”
“I’ll be depressed for the rest of my life”
“bla…bla…bla…” all the things which shows a very deep down sorrow …

I think some of us think this in a very deep down manner than willing to admit it.
Sometimes, especially in very hard condition, we don’t believe that miracles can happen in our life.

Success breed success, happiness breeds happiness …
When you see miracles that can happen in one area, it encourages you to take more areas in your life
and get them handled too.Stop thinking the limiting beliefs, because it’s untrue.

Do you think it’s a hype? I don’t think so, it’s very real …

The next point is stop thinking negative about your ownself.It can be a bad habit which is really hard to change.It only hurts us if we accept the fact and think that we’re never gonna make it.

I got fed up and I try to refuse to ever think anything negative about myself. I refuse to talk to myself in a harsh way that I would not address a friend. Instead,I will be kind and understanding of myself. If I think about something I regret, I will recognize that my actions were based on my wisdom/ability to love others at that time.

Life is short and negative beliefs limit us so much. Once you put yourself on the road to change, you will find out that you’re gonna make it.When you make the effort, at some point, the change becomes a part of you. Letting go of self-criticism -it will make you so much happier.

Happy New Year …


6 thoughts on “Be happier on 2009

  1. Pinkan says:

    It’s very true what u wrote here 🙂
    Yg pasti jg, when u love yourself, you are more free to love others too.
    Jd semuanya itu dimulai dr kita sndr deh semuanya.
    Think n’ BE positive,
    Life should be enjoyed, there are things we cannot change or control so don’t stress about it.
    Met taon baru ya kk, makin sukses 😉

  2. mshennie says:

    moga2 aja bisa gitu taon ini pak de …
    soalnya klo kata feng-shui china kan taon ini bakalan lebih susah dari taon kmaren …

    *walo sebenernya aku juga gk percaya 🙂

  3. Niki says:

    this is me, Niki, yg dari forum KG itu hehe
    just randomly happened to get to your Blog, & read it (iseng2) , & gua cuman mau bilang…thanks buat post-nya ini.
    sadar tidak sadar, sengaja atau tidak disengaja, tulisan blog lu ini sdikit-banyak membuat gua tersadar, akan betapa salahnya mindset gua selama ini, yg uda cenderung menghabiskan waktu utk bersikap pesimistis , dan ternyata u’re right, being pessimistic indeed doesn’t solve any problem, in fact, it only WORSEN the problem & even ur life!
    so..that’s why i want to start applying positive-thinking into my life.. and u’re so right, our life is very short, so why have such limiting beliefs about ourselves, instead of becoming the CHANGE itself??

    a lot that needs to be done in my life..
    but really, thanks for posting such a beautiful writing that reminds me again of what i should have in mind 🙂

    btw, kalo sempet, mampir2 juga ke Blog gua ya.. sepi comments tuh hiks..hehe. tuh alamatnya uda gua taro di URL-nya 🙂

  4. mshennie says:

    gw tau lah loe niki secara loe salah satu selebnya KG 😛
    thanks udah mampir di blog gw dan thanks juga klo tulisan gw yang satu ntu udah bisa bantu loe dalam memaknai idup loe yang sesungguhnya. Klo liat2 dari postingan elo dan anak-anak KG kaenya loe bukan tipikal orang susah dalam segi materi dan kasih sayang. Cuma sayang di beberapa keadaan loe kelewat maruk, pengen dapet semuanya dan di beberapa keadan juga loe kelewat melankolis dan lebay gitu nik, loe kadang merasa loe satu-satunya orang yang punya masalah di dunia ini padahal pan tiap orang punya masalah berbeda dengan kapasitas berbeda pula. ehm IMO lho nik, menurut gw loe cuma hanya ngubah perspektif loe dalam liat dan jalanin idup. Loe termasuk tipikal orang beruntung yang punya banyak hal, ganteng … iya (gw tau dari anak2 KG), tajir …. juga iya (punya usaha mebel kan nik?), bisa dapet cewe cantik ? ini mah kagak usah ditanya lagi ya bro …:D. Kita cuma pengen loe bisa menjadi lbih baek dari yang sudah-sudah nik.

    btw, ntar dech gw tongkrongin blognya elo 🙂

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