Dating a married man

Lately, women and all their world are in my mind. Can’t enough think that most of us, sometimes and in a very frequent condition, make our life become more complicated. Life is always simple but it’s a human habits to make it complicated. I have a girlfriend who totally in love with a guy. Nothing wrong with that untill I know that she’s been dating a married man. Obviously, I don’t think that she’s brave enough to confess it in front of me. She’s trying hard to hide it. Hope by reading this blog, she’s gonna know what I want from her and she realizes that she’s gone wrong so far.

A girl, like me, like you (perhaps, who are reading this post), finds that normal thing to date a guy and flirt with them unless they are rude,impolite, do not respect you or a married man. The last one, is a thing that I don’t wanna get involved. It’s such a forbidden relationship. Sure, okay, sometimes people fall out of love, marry the wrong person, are overcome with passion, or make bad choices, all of which can result in an affair. But the fact is quite clear. He’s not in love with you. It’s totally just a temporary happiness. See, if he thinks that you’ll be the only one for him then he finds a way to leave his wife and marry you afterward, not by promising any beatiful bullshit and tell you hundreds time that he loves you. Get a life girl. There’s a plenty good guys out there and you can have one for your own. You can handle this situation for sure: Stop seeing each other, you don’t even have to reply his sms or get his phone call, let him figure out his life. If he ends up staying with his wife, then you would have been the girl who was having an affair with the guy who was never planning on leaving his wife. If he does leave his wife, then you can start a life with him with not based in shame.

Hope you will understand dear 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dating a married man

  1. BonScott says:

    I am a guy but somehow fint that idea kinda selfish.
    I ve done my fair share of dates,girls and if I can say, menage to split up couple of pretty nice looking couples.
    Not something I am proud of,but I was happy at the time and boosted my ego and offcourse noone of those guys was married.
    But looking now to it, i feel kinda stupid, couse I ruined someones elses happines to be happy.
    and I wanst especially happy with those girls.
    There is plenty of cool people on this planet, and I dont think you need to be house/family braker to create your own happiness.
    There is plenty for everyone.

    O yeah,sorry about my english, I know its not perfect



  2. mshennie says:

    Nice thought … thanks for share it here and finally for realizing it.I fully agree with it Thanks also, for visiting my site …

    NB: i don’t think that i’ve got a perfect english too 😀

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