skincare review : kose junkisui

Still hard to think after changing some of my make stuff and spend much money on it (my version), i don’t get the result as I expected. A few months ago, after giving up on one of skincare product (i already gave you the review). I started to use a KOSE – junkisui series. I was confused in the beginning to choose between biotherm or kose, but as one of my friends told me that biotherm will make my face skin peeled off then I choose the KOSE. Consider that it is made in Japan (located in Asia continent, the same continent as Indonesia. It makes me think that “okay, i think we do have some climate and weather and the Japanese skin structure is similar with Indonesian people”. Don’t ask me from where I can get the theory. it is pure my personal assumption.)

junkisui series (courtesy:

So, here the story goes …

I went to a make up store, consulted with the expertise there to choose the best product for me and then the conclusion comes to “kose-junkisui”. another “famous” series from kose is “sekisei”. But sekies series is dedicated for them who wanna get skin englightment. I pick all the product series. There are four of them and all of them cost more than USD 100. I just love the face lotion one and the others are rubbish. There’s no significant difference I got thru that products. Let me make the review of this product

1. Kose Junkisui – Facial Wash

I think, this is good (since you don’t know the price). it cost US$ 23. the products promise you to make your face shiny with the oil controlling power. After one month usage, i found my face is still in oily condition. Unfortunately, eventhough some said that this product is good but it doesn’t work for me.

2. Kose Junkisui – Mosturizer

I think this is the best from this series. Compared to my previous skincare, this product can reduce the oil in your face but still does not give you any guarantee to vanish them all. It cost US$35 for 120 ml.

3. Kose Junkisui – Refreshing Toner

First impression of this product is it smeels good, it is so herbal. It cost US$ 35. You apply this unto your face after washing it first. Put a little of this toner into your cotton face and apply it on your face smoothly. Some said this is good product, but still i found my self feel dissapointed that this product does not work for me.Actually it will clean your face (as every toner does), but does not give you any result to reduce the oil on your face.

4. Kose Junkisui – Refreshing Spots Serum

It costs US$30 and it doesn’t even dry your acne. Still, I feel dissapointed with this product. I never recommend this product to anyone anytime. Better use your money for something useful, but big no for this products.

From 5 scale, this product only gets 2.5 (middle)


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