Your love life!

Where your love life really starts – within you !

You simply must TAKE CARE of YOU regularly – because inner happiness is what it takes to get and keep a successful relationship.

When you don’t take care of your own happines, it will take a toll on not just you, but everyone around you – and on your love life too!

One people says, “Happiness attracts. It magnetizes people to you.”


Are you one of those women who goes for days and weeks NOT doing something nice for yourself – such as stopping at your favorite coffee place; taking a long, hot bath; getting your hair or nails looking gorgeous?

What about your body – are you doing things that make it feel and look good, or are you just saving that for later?

There’s so much great FREE information around these days, on the Internet and on TV, and yes, in the library.You can learn so much from the self-help shows on what to wear, how to be more healthy, and how to make your place look great – and so much more.

No time? Then your first job is to simplify your life, right? Sit down and start eliminating everything that is clogging up your time – that doesn’t have to be there. If you don’t make enough time for fun and laughter, and for “treating” yourself, then you’ll soon be a grumpy old hag that no one wants to be around.

When you put yourself first, you’ll be so much better able to help others and enhance their lives and yours too. Everyone in your life will benefit when you take care of YOU.

So control your happiness level by taking good care of yourself and doing things which make you happy – especially when you’re under stress.It’s Sunday – no excuses – make this day a day to rejuvenate YOU – and watch other things start falling into place.

“This world is so hungry and starved for happiness that if you have it, people want to be near you, to let you shine on them.People will feel that you must be special to have a happy life.”

Have a good life, everyone!


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